How it works?

SIP (Switch Rides Investment Program) is a secure and easy way to earn great returns for your Investment. Currently our Investor’s are earning a monthly income of 3 – 15% of their Investments without any Hassles. We carefully evaluate which Motorcycle(s) has more traction in the segment and suggest you to Invest on the same Motorcycle(s). Our Team will help you out with deciding the Motorcycle(s) based on our current requirements. The Motorcycle(s) will be registered in the name of Switch Rides, There will be a contract between the Investor and the Company clearly mentioning Investor will be the Owner of the Bike. The contract will be for a term of 3 Years. Investor’s will Earn the Payment on a Monthly basis for the Next 3 Years. At the End of the contract it’s your choice if you want to keep the Bike or Sell it. If you choose to sell it Our Team will help with it.

For detailed estimated returns, get in touch with us at 7406665550 or drop an e-mail to help@switchrides.in today!

Investor’s need not worry about anything as we have a dedicated Team who will help you buy the Motorcycle and Secure Loan if required, Our Team will take care of all the RTO Registrations, Insurance, Contracts. ( We also take the responsibility for Periodic Maintenance of the Motorcycle, Washing and Cleaning, Minor/Major damages caused to the Bike and any Legal issues )

So what are you waiting for ? Be a part of SIP Today and start Earning!