Please Read the Terms and Conditions before Hiring a Vehicle from Switch Rides. Switch Rides reserves the Right to change these Rules anytime without Prior Notice. We shall update this Page once a New Rule is Added/Changed. By Reading the Below Article, You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. When a Vehicle is Booked from Switch Rides, It is assumed that the Member/Customer has Fully Read the Document and agreed to the Terms and Conditions listed Below. Switch Rides is not responsible if Customer is Unaware of any New Rules / Changes made from Time to Time.

  1. Minimum Booking for Each Vehicle is specified in their respective Product Info Page. Please call us at 740-666-5550 if you wish to hire for a lesser duration. (Minimum 8 Hours is Mandatory)
  2. We Request all the Customers who avail 2 Wheeler Rental Service from Switch Rides to wear a Helmet at all Times.
  3. Note: We Provide Standard Size ISI Seal Helmets, If Customer’s have Specific requirements such as Type of Helmet, Size of Helmet its Customer’s responsibility to arrange on their Own. Disclaimer: In case of any Injuries or Death even after wearing the Helmet provided by Switch Rides, we do not bear any Responsibility.
  4. Switch Rides reserves the right to Change Tariff / Cancel the Booking at any point of time.
  5. If the Vehicle is Booked under a Discount Scheme ( Coupon Code, Walk in Discount, Discounts on Monthly Bookings etc. ) KM Limit will be reduced as per the % of Discount given. (For Example: KM Limit for Motorcycles is 240 kms/day, If 50% Discount is given then the KM Limit will be 120 kms/day).
  6. Clean Profile is Mandatory to book a Vehicle from Switch Rides. (Customer should not have any Past Cases such as Hit and Run / Theft / Whatsoever) Even after a Vehicle is Booked, If our Team Finds out Customer does not have a Clean Profile, Switch Rides reserves the Right to Cancel the Booking.
  7. Customer is responsible to fill the fuel. The prices mentioned are Exclusive of fuel. (Vehicles will be given with a Full Tank of Fuel, It has to be returned with a Full Tank of Fuel)
  8. It is the Responsibility of the Hirer to make sure they use the Vehicle / Service Responsibly. Hirer should not Violate any Traffic Rules (Signal Jump / Riding without Helmet etc.). If Found so, Customer will be Charged for the Actual Fine of Violation + 300 Rupees.
  9. Vehicles can only be Picked up Between 7 AM – 9 PM from Mon – Sat and 11 AM – 9 PM on Sunday, Vehicles cannot be Picked up / Returned Post 9 PM, Rental charges (on Hourly Basis) will still be Applicable until the time its Returned the Next day. At Extreme situations we May Extend Until 10 PM for a Pick up / Drop, In such case Over Time Fee of INR 150 will be Applicable.
  10. If the Vehicle is not picked up by the Customer within One Hour of Trip Start Time, Switch Rides reserves the right to Cancel the Booking as it will be considered as Customer No Show.
  11. If any Vehicle that belongs to Switch Rides is Stolen during your Trip, we request you to Inform the Nearest Police Station and also to our Team @ 7406665550, A Formal Police Complaint will be Registered at the nearest Police Station and further Actions will be Taken. Customers must Provide Accurate Details, Customers shall ensure that complaint shall not contain any discrepancy or any Kind of False Information from actual facts.
  12. Any Damages caused to the Vehicle will be charged as per the Actual repair cost at Respective Manufacturer Service Center.
  13. In case of an Accident, Please Report to our Team @ 740-666-5550 Immediately, Vehicle will be sent to Nearest Authorized dealer to get a Repair Estimate. Switch Rides Reserves the Right to decide if an Insurance Claim is Necessary or Not. ( No Insurance Claims will be made for repairs below INR 15,000, Excluding Grounding Charges )No Bargains would be Entertained with Respect to Repair charges.
    You must keep these Information ready:  A. Driving License of the Person who was Riding at the Time of Accident. B. Actual Scene of the Accident (Date,Time,Place of Incident, Reason) C. Name, addresses, and phone number of passengers and any other involved persons.
  14. A Formal Police Complaint will be given to the Nearest Police station, Customers must Provide Accurate Details, Customers shall ensure that complaint shall not contain any discrepancy or any Kind of False Information from actual facts. The same Information would be used in case Insurance Claim is required.
  15. Customer is Responsible for the costs related to the repair, recovery, or loss of a Switch Rides Vehicle.
  16. If the Motorbike is grounded for Repair during an Accident, Grounding charges will be Applicable. Half of the Respective Vehicles daily rental amount will be considered as grounding Charge. For Ex. If a Vehicle Rent is Rs. 1320/day, Grounding charge would be Rs 660/day.
  17. Vehicles Hired from Switch Rides must NOT be Used for the Following    A. Any race or competition of any kind. B. Any type of Illegal Stunts that may Harm the Rider Himself / Pillion / Public. C. Riding without wearing a Helmet. D. Riding with more than one person as pillion. E. For the purpose of towing, pushing any other vehicle. F. For the purpose of any Financial Benefits.
  18. Switch Rides Vehicles must not be used in any kind of Illegal Activity / Crime.
  19. Mobile Phones or any communicating device must not be used at any cost while Riding our Vehicles. We recommend a Hands Free for your own safety.
  20. If any Person has given False Information to Switch Rides to Hire a Vehicle, Booking would be Cancelled Immediately and necessary actions will be taken.
  21. If We Spot any of Our Vehicles being used for the above listed actions, We will Immediately Track Down who has Hired the Vehicle and Strict Actions / Legal Proceedings will be Initiated.
  22. Before Hiring a Vehicle we recommend you to do a Look Around, Inform our Team if you Notice any Damage / Minor / Major Scratches or whatsoever. Before Leaving our Pickup Location we recommend you to inform our Team if you notice any Abnormality in the Vehicle (Operation of Brake/Clutch/Accelerator etc.). If Our Team is not notified about any of these before the start of your Journey, You may be Held responsible while our Team discovers any issues when you return the Vehicle.
  23. While returning if the Motorcycle looks Muddy / far from being Neat appropriate Washing Charges ( Depending on Condition washing charge may cost between INR 80 – INR 300 ) will be Applicable.
  24. In case of any Disputes between Customer and a Switch Rides Employee, The courts of Bangalore, Karnataka, India shall have the Sole and Exclusive Jurisdiction with respect to any matters.